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Incredible Research on Lavender for Migraines

Migraine sufferers were asked—at the early signs of headache—to rub two to three drops of lavender essential oil onto their upper lip and inhale its vapor for a 15-min period, then score the severity of their headache for the next two hours…

How to Make Kale Chips (3 minutes)

A very simple recipe for kale chips.

Crouching Garnish, Hidden SuperFood: The Secret Life of Kale

Written by Sayer Ji,
Could kale, a less domesticated, disheveled form of cabbage, really be one of the most potent healing foods in existence today? Few foods commonly available at the produce stand today are as beneficial to your health as kale. And yet, sadly, it is more commonly found dressing up something not as healthy in a display case than on someone’s plate where it belongs.


Singing Plants at Damanhur

More indications of intelligent, communicating and creative plant life!
For an excellent article regarding the science behind this video, as well as scientific proof that tree hugging is now scientifically validated, please click here. The video accompanied the article, but the article itself is great!
If you're not familiar with Damanhur, please delight your senses and imagination and click…


All about the wonderful Gifts of Water for all of us on Earth – Videos

This subject has kept me busy for quite some years since the beginning of this century … busy with my mind - marvelling at all the miraculous peculiarities and features of Water. Now I found some likewise marvellous vídeos  all about it which I would like to share with all of you asking at the same time to make this newly won knowledge viral  all over our world and sharing it as much as possible…..

With compassionate and unconditional love to all of you
Yours (Contra)Mary
And here we go:
Water: The Greatest Mystery 1
Water: The Greatest Mystery 2
Water: The Greatest Mystery 3
Water: The Greatest Mystery 4
Water: The Greatest Mystery 5
Water: The Greatest Mystery 6
How To Structure Water
Vortex Your Water, For Health.
Water has Memory
Water Consciousness, The Shape of Love and Dr. Masaru Emotos W
Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto about the magic of Water
Rice Experiment-Masaru Emoto RESULTS


Coconut Oil Health Properties                   
by OrganicLifestyleTV

Special Blend used in this video:

1st Episode: Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Authors: Carla Sánchez & Sayer Ji from

Coconut Oil has many wonderful health benefits, too many in fact to include in our online video, however we would like to name a few and talk about the top 3 properties we discuss in this video. We will also share with you a couple of ways to use it in your daily life to get its benefits.

Researchers have shown many health benefits for Coconut oil, just to name a few:

• Wound-Healing
• Testosterone-Booster
• Bone-Boosting

But our favorite top 3 benefits are:

1. Brain Boosting
2. Fat Burning
3. Infection Fighting

All the detailed information on the studies and reference information can be found here:


How to Grow a Raised Bed over Cement or Asphalt & more Organic Gardening

Publicado em 09/05/2013 
John from answers your gardening questions. In this episode John will answer the following questions:

1. Can you help me install a raised bed garden in my front yard?
2. What do you know about growing a raised bed garden over cement or asphalt?
3. Where did you get all your gardening knowledge? Do you recommend college for learning about gardening?
4. Can putting humanure (human waste) bring back diseases like leppers?
5. Help! My compost tea is breeding mosquitos?
6. How do you add soil to your raised bed if you have perennials growing in there?

7. We have black aphids on our cherry tree do you have any thoughts on what we can try?

After watching this episode you will learn John's answers to these gardening questions and probably a little more as well.

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Kale: One of the World's Most Important Super Foods (3-Minute Video)

by Solar Bee

Need some ideas for this super nutrient-dense leafy green? Sayer and Tania elaborate on how kale's sulphate content improves vibrancy inside and out: skin, hair and heart. Learn to balance goitrogenic tendencies of raw kale as well as how rubbing your kale can turn it into a delicious flavor-dense slaw.
Learn more by reading Sayer's article: Crouching Garnish, Hidden SuperFood: The Secret Life of Kale 


Permaculture and the Sacred: A Conversation with Starhawk

Published on: 18/03/2013 
Starhawk, contemporary witch, activist, and permaculturist, spoke at HDS on March 7, 2013, about how earth-based spirituality can inform and empower efforts to build sustainable communities and societies.

Starhawk is a founder of Reclaiming, a contemporary Pagan tradition that blends Goddess spirituality and social activism, and of Earth Activist Trainings, which equips people to combine permaculture design with political organizing and spiritual practice. A leading interpreter of feminist Wicca, she is the author of "The Spiral Dance," "The Fifth Sacred Thing," "The Empowerment Manual," and many other books.


Here’s How to Find Out If It’s a GMO Product

Non-GMO advocate Jeffrey Smith helps you figure out if the products you are buying are genetically modified or not. Few products are labeled so it’s hard to tell on your own.
Related articles:

Why We Must Fight To Label GMOs


“The Best Result in Relapse Prevention Ever:” Healing Crohn’s Disease with Diet:

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