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Refreshing Cabbage, Cilantro & Aloe Juice - Calms Immune System & Spring Allergies

Refreshing Cabbage, Cilantro & Aloe Juice Ayurveda Recipe
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Type: Greens
Meal: Drink
Occasion: Cleanse
Preparation: Raw, Puree, Juice
Style: Ayurvedic
Effect: Prana, Sattvic, Alkalizing

Servings: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
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ayurvedic notes
This refreshing and light drink not only revitalizes you for spring, but it can also offer a reprieve from spring allergies.
Calms Immune System & Spring Allergies
In Ayurveda, auto-immune and other allergic conditions are aggravated by toxins and heat. Spring season creates a perfect storm for allergies and auto-immune disorders. As soon as the pollen starts to fall, the flood gates will open as your body is naturally congested, releasing toxins, and hot in mid Spring.

When your liver is too overwhelmed to process toxins, the immune system kicks in as a backup. If you have an auto-immune disorder, or are prone to allergies, toxins only make things worse for your body.

Heat aggravates the immune system because it also stresses out the liver. The immune system is inherently hot, being warlike in nature. An example of the immune system's relationship to heat is a fever.

Cabbage, cilantro, and aloe vera are strongly cooling. Aloe and cilantro cleanse the liver. Cilantro is an anti-histamine, meaning it directly calms the immune system. Bitter taste cleanses and refreshes the liver, improving its performance. Bitter taste also helps decongest the blood for improved lymphatic drainage.
1. Juice cabbage and cilantro in a vegetable juicer. If you don't have a juicer, chop cabbage and cilantro, then puree in a blender with 1c water. Strain the water into a glass.

2. Add aloe vera to vegetable juice. Add 1/2 water if necessary. Stir.

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