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Sorrel Oxalis acettosella - Oxalidáceas

Grass clover-shaped. The long petioles have at the base two oval stipules.  The flowers have varied color tones and the fruits in capsules contain many seeds.

Cold abscesses: -
Poultice - mix a few fresh leaves cooked in a tablespoon of olive purest, apply a piece of gauze.

decoction - Boil for 5 minutes Sorrel of 50 g in 1 liter of fresh water,  taken in cups during the day.

Boil 60 grams of leaves and roots of Azedinha in a liter of water, sweeten slightly and take cups during the day.

GUT: -Decoction -
Boil in a saucepan with 25g of olive oil, 50 g of fresh leaves of Wood Sorrel, 15 grams of fresh leaves of chervil, 15 g of dried leaves of beets, wait cook and pass the liquid through a sieve, pressing well to extract all the liquid from the leaves. Drink a tablespoon every hour.

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