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Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis - Mediterranean

Rosemary is a shrubby plant which is very common in Mediterranean regions.
Has a very distinctive aroma, and therefore its scientific name, Rosmarinus means dew of the sea.This plant is much branched and has green leaves, small and thin. The flowers are bluish or whitish.
The rosemary blooms throughout the year, needs little care to survive and is resistant to pests, so it is easily grown in gardens and parks. One of the most famous features of rosemary is probably its aroma. This plant has a strong pleasant aroma. This aroma gets to be used in some perfumes.

It is believed that the aroma along with the blue color of the flowers serves to attract pollinators. In traditional medicine, rosemary is used as a medicine against fever and it is believed that rosemary can even revive debilitated people.
The rosemary tea is used to combat coughs and stomach problems. But rosemary has uses less known to the general population. Contemporary scientific studies show that rosemary can strengthen your muscles and helps improve memory and can thus be used in Alzheimer's patients.
Rosemary is also used in the church. Previously, rosemary was burned along with incense, so the flavor processions and other religious practices.

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