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PUMPKIN, Curcubhita Pepo - cucurbits - America

Creeping plant of flexible stem covered with hair bristling - also has large leaves petiolate spanking and also covered with hair and big axillary flowers.

Its fruit is yellow or green, large and pulpy containing numerous white seeds, which are flat and oval and contained in clear wrappers.

cooking 100 gr. Pumpkin pulp mature and 1 liter of water -  wait until half of the initial amount has been achieved then pass through a sieve and according to season use it during one day.

in order to make poulticesf irst clean the leaves well and apply it on the affected region of burns etc..

make a paste with
50 gr. Fresh pumpkin seeds,
20 gr. Honey,
and 150 gr. Water that has
suffered  several hours of prior infusion of lemon or orange peel and to be taken after 12 hours of fasting. Eating that paste and take a purgative
based on castor oil. If you get no results repeat the operation.

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