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POTATO Solanum tuberosum - Solanaceae - Chile and Peru

Herbaceous plant with opposite leaves petiolate and nervadas, terminals and white flowers and fruits in small berries. The nutrient reserves of this plant is in the tubers. The tubers are used to extract starch, glucose, ethanol. The potatoes can be inserted into the diet even in which people that can't ingesting proteins and fats.

Decoction irrigations -
30 gr. fresh leaves of potato, boil a liter of water, filter, and use warm.

Solar BURNS erythema :
Compress (No.1)
Grate raw potato and make compresses on the burn, two to three times a day.
Compress (No. 2)
put into a small pot,
a spoonful of potato starch, add water gradually,prepating a soft polenta. Heat over moderate heat until it begins to boil.
Place the baby food on a fabric folded several times. Apply compresses for burns when cold.

Decoction -
put 20 gr. Potato leaves
40 gr. sage leaves
and a bit of honey in a gallon of water. Boil for one minute and filter after a quarter of an hour, drink a cup every three hours.

Apply over eyes a slice of fresh potato or a tablespoon of grated potato pulp. Leave at least a half hour, renewing the compress every ten minutes.

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