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Portulaca oleracea Purslane - Portulaca - Brazil 

Grows in arid and dry areas,  has creeping rhizome, sumosos branches and strong, narrow wedge-shaped fleshy leaves, reddish flowers corolla 5-6 petals brightly colored, red, yellow, white, orange, violet, solferino.

this plant is very rich in potassium and omega-3, today commented as important in strengthening the immune system and circulatory systems. This and other nutrients and self molecules that act in a very synergistic with our body.

Medicinally, it can be said in a few words: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, diuretic, emollient, among other features. Translation: fighting bacterial infections, inflammations, worms, and aids in digestion and kidney function. Just to include in the diet is already at least take partly  these effects.

Another simple idea is to use the leaves in infusion, either as a tonic and blood cleanser (internal use) or as a healing (external use). But all this is still only a part of the power of this plant.

"Medicinal Plants in Brazil - Native and Exotic," Harri Lorenzi and F. J. Abreu Matos. 2nd Edition, Nova Odessa, SP: Instituto Plantarum, 2008.

DIURETIC: Infusion - Infusion put in a quarter of an hour, a pinch of leaf purslane. Filter, sweeten and drink in 2 times.

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