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PERSIMMON Diospyros kaki - Ebenáceas - China and Japan

Tree that can reach remarkable heights: 8-10 feet tall. It has large leaves, oblongadas, auxiliary flowers solitary white-yellow bloom in summer. The fruit is constituted by a large berry, in the form of an orange apple, bark very thin and smooth pulp with very soft, sweet, sugary, mature late fall.

Should be treated with caution, because the shell is very thin and glued to the pulp,  breaks easily.


- Infusion - Put a cup of boiling water, a pinch of leaves of persimmon and two sheets of lauroceraso. Allow to warm, then sweeten and manage).

Infusion - put in a cup of boiling water one tablespoon of persimmon leaves, a piece of ginger and a teaspoon of honey, filter the liquid and drink it then.

View nervous excitement, drink the potion half hour before bedtime.

Consume during the season when they are ripe and sumosos, equivalent to an effective treatment against constipation. Syrup - 1 kg sugar and 250 gr. a lemon and 2 Kg Of ripe persimmons, cut into four and released seeds. Cook for 20 minutes after the start of boiling.

Fruit suitable for energizing the chakra Muladhara, check the similarities with the "navel" of the fruit:

It is also a food of the gods or Theobroma Cacao as:

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