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OAK Quercus robur - Fagáceas

It is a remarkable plant height about 20 meters and major. It has rough trunks, branches very leafy, leathery and tough leaves, whose upper surface is shiny and bottom covered by. The flowers are monoecious and commuting, color yellowish fruits containing a single seed, are achenes oval.

Decoction - mouthwash - boil 15 gr. oak bark for ten minutes in a liter of water, mouthwash and gargle. Coffee - replacing the coffee roasting and grinding acorns and use the powder to prepare a drink that has the merit of not harming the heart and nervous system.

Liquid Massage - In one liter of alcohol, denatured put three large onions, cut into slices, and let them macerate for four days. Meanwhile, prepare a decoction with a spoon of powdered oak bark boiled in half a liter of water over moderate heat. When the liquid is reduced to remove the container from the fire and expect it is completely cool before filtering it. Mix the decoction and alcoholate onion, soak a cloth of wool and massage the scalp.

Decoction - cook 10 gr. oak bark in 200 gr. of water and drink the decoction, filtered and sweetened with a little sugar or honey, the dose of a teaspoon
every half hour.


Decoction for washing - boil 80 gr. oak bark in a liter of water, filter out and use the liquid to wash frequently affected regions.

Wine Oak - In a liter of red wine of good quality put 20 gr. of oak leaves and 10 gr. Medical hydrochloric acid. Allow to steep for a week, filter the liquid and take a small cup at each meal.

Decoction compresses - See mouth, the liquid should be used cold.

BLEEDING NOSE: Post shell - Always have hand a small glass containing oak bark, reduced to powder in a mortar. A pinch of powdered oak nostrils has the power to stop the bleeding.

Decoction semicúpios - prepare a decoction very low simmer for one hour on slow fire, one liter of water, 25 gr. oak bark, filter and when warm, put it in a bowl with one liter of hot water, but not boiling.

Decoction - boil for 10 minutes 10 gr. oak bark in 200 gr. of water. Filter and drink the decoction at a dose of one teaspoon per hour. Wine Oak - put 20 gr. oak bark, cut into pieces and kids, in a liter of red wine of good quality and 10 gr. Medical hydrochloric acid. Leave all macerated for six days, then strain and drink 3-5 teaspoons a day.

Decoction irrigations - boil for 10 minutes, a liter of water with 100 gr. oak bark and use the filtered liquid for washing and irrigation. Wine Oak - View intestine. Drinking three small glasses of wine a day oak.

Decoction for washing or irrigation - See leucorrhoea. When an organism is weak and exhausted and menses are scarce or absent, you may use the decoction of oak which is a very effective emmenagogue.

Decoction -
Cut small pieces 20 gr. oak bark, 20 g. corn hair. Put everything in a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes, then strain and sweeten and drink three cups a day.

infusion for washing - Against excessive sweating of the armpits and feet, making washing with an infusion obtained by placing 15 gr. oak bark in a liter of boiling water.

Decoction irrigations -
boil for an hour, over moderate heat, 2 liters of water and 100 gr. of oak leaves (or 70 gr. bark), filter the liquid when warm employs it for irrigation.

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