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Herbs with Healing Powers

"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."

Man made disease and Nature gave the Cure.
Natural foods Provide balance for the human body to enjoy good health.
However When Man deviates from natural foods Eventually he will cause his very own illness. In such case he may then seek healing again precisely in nature the nature Provides everything he needs to look for his return to health and balance.
It is true: "Plants give us healing, However it is a pre-requisite That We first acquire some profound knowledge of Them in order to know exactly about Their effects, Their dangers, and Their virtues."
That's what we intend here: "Spreading this knowledge far and wide to make plants known for bettering human health with the am virtues, positive and negative effects, and toxic dangers as well."

Although the title of this blog is related to "Herbs", it is more accurate to use the term plants, included here as herbs, trees and shrubs.

Some of the plants disclosed herein are little known and cultured in Portugal, but the majority are very common. Our goal is to present the properties of these plants and their by-products: fruits, flowers, bark, roots and leaves.

The methods we extract Maximise and these properties are teas, decoctions, patches, ointments and tinctures.

Be careful!
IF PREGNANT, should refrain from ingesting the following plants and all other must consult your doctor: hawthorn root bark, cascara sagrada, feverfew, blackberries (berries) juniper, mugwort, pennyroyal, root of the herb bunches of India, rue, senna, abrótano, tansy, thuja, wormwood, long-balsamina, chervil, angelica from china, wild basil, American mandrake, pennyroyal brave, evening primrose, the wort gerês, parsley and celery. These last two should be taken with caution in minimum dosages.
GENERAL WARNINGS: When using edible or medicinal plants make sure you pick the correct plant, and the plant is healthy and has grown in good soil ie avoid nearby sewage plants, garbage, dirt, etc.. Avoid plants with signs of many attacks by insects or fungi. For any purpose it is not recommended to use any plant disposed to agrochemicals whether on plantations or wild populations. For commercial medicinal plants, pesticide use is prohibited. Carefully read the tips, advice and recipes. In the biological world every detail is important. If it is difficult to identify a kind, please contact me or any expert who knows (I'm not able to recognize anything of course but I can Indicate someone who might solve your problem).
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