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Garlic - Allium sativum - Asia

Garlic (Allium sativum) is a plant that has an underground bulb (head of garlic) that is used both for medicine and for cooking.Studies indicate that garlic was first cultivated in parts of Asia, and was later taken to all parts of the world.

It has long thin leaves with parallel veins and a root fasciculata and no axis ie is a monocot plant.
Its stem is long and terminates in a bulb inferiorly where to store reserve substances throughout the plant.

Garlic is a plant that is grown around the world and highly appreciated for its nutritional value. There are numerous ready-made dishes with garlic, and this is mainly used as a spice.
A lesser known facet of garlic is its medicinal properties used since Ancient Egypt. Garlic have antibacterial chemicals that enhance the performance of the immune system. This plant also has substances that gradually improve blood circulation and therefore can improve the lives of people with high blood pressure, cholesterol problems or erectile dysfunction.
Properties of Garlic:

- Hypotensive effect due to peripheral vasodilatation, especially in the legs, eyes and brain. Recommended to treat cerebral sclerosis.
- Effect anti arteromatoso, proven in animals.
- Effect hypo colesterolemiante (treatment Cholesterol).
- Prevents platelet aggregation; useful in thrombosis and arteriosclerosis.
- Bacteriostatic effects (treatment of bacterial inflammation).
- Effects fungicide (for the treatment of mycosis) in dermatophytes (affecting the skin), yeasts such as Candida albicans.
- Effect mild anti anthelmintic (treatment of intestinal parasites).
- Effect expectorant.
- Rubesfaciente and vesicant in outdoor use. It is also used to combat arthritic problems, including in tincture form, or in other ways, for external use, and still in warts and chilblains. In some places it is used also as a cancer preventive.
Garlic contains fructosanos (chains of fructose molecules) that give abundantly clear una diuretic action. The essence (essential oil) contains allyl dissulfuro from the decomposition of allicin by the action of an enzyme, alizinase. Contains vitamin A, B1, B2, C, an amine of nicotinic acid, choline, hormones, alicetoína I and II sulfociánico acid, iodine and trace uranium. This complex composition causes the garlic has very diverse action in the body.

For treatment, you must use the garlic with the abundance and frequency appropriate.Where and how generic "home remedy", the average dose is approximately two heads of garlic a day ...Some peel and cut, niggling, the two heads of garlic, add honey and eat, the spoonful, fasting ...But I will suggest to you other "dosage forms"!
It is possible to add garlic in abundance, most meals, in order to obtain the recommended dose through the diet.

My suggestion is that, apart from the uses consecrated: in seasonings and all dishes, including soup, people learn to prepare "delicacies of garlic."
Recipe:Cut thin, brown bread, country bread, or bread. Then cut into pieces that fit in the toaster. Spread a good quantity of garlic bread and drizzle with olive oil to taste. You can join cheese (Mozzarella cheese in Pizza parlors use, but not required) and can also join parsley because parsley prevents bad breath own garlic. Make a sandwich by putting another piece of bread on this and put in the toaster long enough.

Those who do not have time to buy and prepare fresh garlic and parsley can use that shop in supermarkets in the spice section.

After use, the taste, the meals as "input" doing the times of ordinary bread or as an accompaniment of cymbals, replacing or accompanying potatoes and rice.
Other "recipes" to lower cholesterol

Making juice (juice) Aubergine and / or use the following plants, which reduce cholesterol: alfalfa, almonds, oats, barley, onions, raw carrots, broccoli, spinach, olive oil ... (More garlic). With a little imagination one can prepare full meals only product for cholesterol. Just add a few (or all) of the "specified plants, baking quickly that can be cooked and joining the remaining raw (alfalfa, carrots, garlic, onion, olive, almond).
More properties of garlic:
• Improve our immune system to better control of infectious diseases.
• Helps reduce blood cholesterol.
• Reduces high blood pressure and circulation problems.
• Helps to eliminate excess body fat.
• improves and increases metabolism, thus reducing the excess weight.
To take full advantage of these properties is that it has developed a drink, which is the staple diet of garlic.

To lose a pound a month without any effort beyond downloading cholesterol full 20 points in just cut to length (without starting completely) a clove of garlic with purple shell, put in a glass of water and from two hours to take half water and again fill the cup (2 repeat the act in two hours, particularly half an hour before meals). In addition to lower weight helps lower the overall coleterol 2 points and low blood pressure, and moisturize course.
Recipe-based garlic for the treatment (removal) of cysts, varicose veins, bruises, bruises and hemorrhoids.
Note: This preparation should not be used before or after, any metal utensils.
Preparation:In a non-metallic container, add 14 (fourteen) garlic cloves, and a deciliter of oil and place over low heat until the garlic evidencing be "cooked" (stunted). Join the garlic whole, without peeling, even to comply with the recommendation not to use metal utensils.When cold, just apply the oil on the areas to be treated once or twice a day, with light circular massage.The massage should be done for several minutes. The treatment can be used even in non-superficial cysts.This preparation is also effective for treating scabies.

Another recipe:1 liter of water, 30 cloves of garlic, diced 3 lemons.Blend all mixed up and put in enamel pan (or non-metallic utensil).Lead to fire but not boil, keep a bottle in the fridge and take a cup fasting.
However, the garlic when used heavily, is: "Contraindicated for people with stomach problems and ulcers, inconvenient for newborns and nursing mothers and people with dermatitis. At very high doses, can cause headache, stomach, kidneys and even dizziness."

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