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Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum - Lauraceae - Island of Ceylon


Leaves stiff, leathery, oval beautiful green color, bright, furrowed with reddish veins. The leaves are small and light green.

Elixir - In 1 liter of marsala best quality put in maceration for 5 days, 10 gr Cinnamon, 30 gr and 50 gr of Quina Cornflower. Filter the liquid and consume it in small cups before each meal.


Elixir - In 1 liter of Marsala wine, macerate for 24 hours, 25 gr Cinnamon bark and 10 grams of fresh mint, filter the liquid and put it in a bottle and consume it in cups every time you feel weak or tired.

STOMACH (gastric atony): -
Tincture - macerate for 24 hours, 50 gr Cinnamon bark, crumbled in ¼ liter of alcohol at 60 °. Strain the liquid and place it in a bottle. Administer it in tablespoons before meals.

In 1 liter of white wine of good quality, macerate for a week the following ingredients:
10 g Cinnamon Bark, 30 gr bark Quina, 20 grams of gentian root, 10 g anise seed, 50 gr sugar, 1 small envelope of vanilla ingredients must be scrutinized before being placed in the wine. Filter the liquid pour it into a bottle and keep it in a cool place. The dose is a small goblet.

FLU: -
Infusion - In a cup of boiling water put 5 grams of cinnamon bark, eucalyptus 5 gr, 10 gr Licorice, leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then strain the liquid and drink it unsweetened well.

Punch TEA: -
Put hot water in a container, add the required amount of tea, a piece of cinnamon bark, and a small cup of brandy Cana. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

Boil for 3 minutes at 200 gr 5 gr Wine strong Cinnamon Carnations and 3, strain, sweeten and drink then.

Reconstituting: -
Medicinal Wine - In a pint of Marsala wine of good quality, macerate for 12 hours, 40 gr Cinnamon Bark, 30 gr of Cinchona bark. Filter and put in a bottle. Taking a small cup before meals.

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