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Chestnut of India

CHESTNUT OF INDIA - esculus hippocastanum - Hippocastináceas - Asia Minor

Ornamental tree, is covered with white flowers and sometimes red, that bloom in spikes, straight and very beautiful. The round fruit and bright resembles somewhat the edible Chestnut. Many substances are being extracted from the pulp.

tincture macerate for 5 days, 5 gr of leaves Chestnut India desiccated in 50 g of alcohol at 70 °. Filter the liquid and store it in glass with dropper. Dose: 10 drops.

Decoction -
Cook for 10 minutes in 1 liter of water 30 gr root desiccated Chestnut India, filter the liquid and take during the day.

Medicinal Wine -
Put in 1 liter of white wine, 50 g husk Indian nut. Boil for ¼ hour and filter. Take 2 small glasses per day.

Chilblain: - Cream -
20 Cooking Chestnuts India in little water. Crush them, pulping the puree and keep it in a container for a few days. Pass the cream before bedtime in the affected region.

Ointment - macerate for 5 days 3 gr of leaves of chestnut in India in 30 g of alcohol 70. Filter, and each weigh 20 grams of liquid add 60 g of lanolin. Mix all ingredients well and use the ointment to relieve the pain.

Varicose Veins:
put on an infusion for 24 hours, 70 gr of leaves Chestnut India in 1 liter of white wine of good quality. Filter the liquid, sweeten it and take one cup a day.

Horses, Colic. To cure colic horses, administer the usual dosage, a few handfuls of pulp Chestnuts India, dried and reduced to powder.

Rabbits - A good food for rabbits consists of nuts from India, cooked and peeled added to the meal.

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