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Celandine Chelidonium majus - Papaveráceas

Swallow Wort - Plant family of Papaveráceas - Scientific name: Chelidonium majus L -
Origin: America, Europe, Africa and West Asia - also called celandine, quelidônea,
herb-of-warts, milk weed, herb-of- corns, poppy figatil and swallows.

The name of this plant comes from the Greek "khélidôn" (gender science), which means "swallow" in the face of the myth that such swallows carried her to their children so that it possessed great vision.

Time: "It was around the century. AD that Discorides noticed that the swallows used this plant to touch the eyes of the puppies, giving them the view. This fact roused curiosity and caused that studies were made about the celandine. "

The stem reaches a height of about 70 cm is cylindrical and nodosum, branchy with penatissetas leaves and yellow flowers.

ARTHRITIS - Gout - Hydropsy:
Infusion - in ½ liter of boiling water put 5 gr of desiccated plant, filter, sweeten and drink the infusion during the day.

Corns and WARTS: - A pinch of powdered latex and a strip of gauze. After 24 hours, the callus is softened and facilitate removal. If necessary repeat the operation.

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