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CAMPHOR Laurus camphora - dryobalanops aromatica - Japan and China

Plant of large size of the comminuted wood trunks subjected to manufaturações timely extracted product is known that camphor.


Macerate for 10 days 400 gr purest Wine Vinegar, 50 g of alcohol 90 °, and 50 g in total of the following fresh herbs:
Lavender flowering luminaries. Orange leaves, rosemary leaves, mint leaves, sage leaves, crush them before putting them in the net after 10 days 4 grams of camphor dissolved in 10 g of Acetic Acid, placing the liquid in the bottle with all others. Filter after a few hours.

BRANDY camphor: -

Mix 300 gr of Brandy the 60th or alcohol in the same grade and 5 g of crushed camphor. Rubbing sore muscles.

- Lotion - 1 In wide-necked bottle, put 200g of Castor Oil Deodorized, warming the container in a water bath.
As the water heats up (should never boil) put on 10 gr bottle of essence of bergamot and 5 grams of camphor.
Leave in water bath for 1 hour, then away from the fire, when the liquid is cold, cover the bottle. With this massage lotion to 3 to 4 times per day.

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