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CALENDULA CAMPESTRE Calendula arvensis - Composite

Common plant in arid and uneducated areas with yellow flowers, resembling daisies. The plant exudes a very pungent odor.

Corns and WARTS: -
Poultice -
quickly heat up a handful of fresh leaves washed, dipped in hot water. Drain and spread on a cheesecloth, mashing them out the juice. Apply the poultice on the affected region.

Poultice -
Carefully wash a few leaves, dry them, extending over gauze, crush them and apply them on the wound.

Calendula officinalis Composite

It is a perennial herb that flowers have yellow-orange color, its stem is about 30 cm tall,  thick and rough and has leaves in rosettes. The petals of the flowers are tubular central and peripheral are alinguetadas.

FLU: -
Infusion -
100 gr hot water,
5 g of leaves or flowers or branches of Marigold,
strain, sweeten and drink before bedtime.

BOWEL (Visceral Pain) -
2 gr Cooking decoction of leaves and flowers in ¼ liter of water filter, sweeten and drink in cups during the day.

DYE: macerate for 8 days, 15 gr of fresh flowers of Calendula 50 g of alcohol 70. Filter the liquid and keeps it in a bottle with dropper cap. Dosage is 10 drops in a little water.

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