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BARK-A-ANTA Drymis chilensis, drymis winter - Magnoliáces - Chile

Source - Medicinal plants used by the Mapuche Indians:

Plant with leathery leaves and white flowers on the cob.

decoction -
Boil 1 minute 5 g of bark in ½ liter of water, filter and drink it in small cups during the day.

Infusion -
in ½ liter of boiling water
put to steep?
for 5 minutes, 10 g of leaves bark Anta, filter the solution and consume it in small cups during the day.

Decoction - See diuretic. A cup after meals.

Rheumatism - FATIGUE: -
Bath -
Prepare a decoction in ½ liter of water with 10 g of bark Anta, filter and add to bath water.

Ulcerations: -
Washes -
Prepare an infusion with 5 gr of shell and 500 grams of water. While warm, filter it and use to wash.

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