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BARDANA Arctium lappa - Composite

 Stout root, stem ramosa, rough and conical broad leavesl with the upper and lower green - greenish white. The leaves have vivid and bright color glitter.

Poultice - against acute pain, crush dried leaves gauze and apply on affected areas.

Decoction -
10 gr. burdock root, sliced, cooked in a little water. When the root is softened crush it to be reduced to a pap. Thereafter rubbing the scalp once a day.

Poultice -
cook a handful of fresh leaves washed and lean, with a little milk, when the milk evaporates, put the leaves in a cheesecloth and apply on affected area.

Infusion -
60 gr. burdock root,
25 gr. Licorice,
50 gr. of dandelion,
40 gr. of grass,
20 gr. root of endive,
save these herbs in a container. A spoonful of this mixture serves to prepare an infusion with a cup of hot water. Drinkit when fasting without sweetening.

Infusion - 30 gr. burdock root in 3 cups water, boiling water, leave to infuse for half an hour, strain and drink twice a day.

Poultice -
See healing. Depurative. External demand - boil a spoonful of chopped burdock root in a cup of water. When the water evaporates, extend the poultice on the affected region.

Herbal Tea - 25 gr. burdock in a quart of water. Sweeten bit and administer the drink spoons every 5 minutes.

Poultice - crush the fresh leaves of burdock washed and clean, applied as a poultice.

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