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Avocado, Persea americana - South America

It is a tree of the family of laureáceas,  native to Mexico or South America, now widely grown in tropical regions, including the Canary Islands and the Isle of Madeira.1

Facilitates digestion and prolonged consumption, also combats rheumatism and uric acid. It is useful in combatting the calculations of the gallbladder and gastroduodenal ulcers.

Native to tropical American regions colonized by Spaniards, Avocado spread through South America, reaching the Amazon and may be found today in all regions of the globe that have fertile soil and enough heat. There are more than 30 types of Avocados in Brazil, currently the world's largest producer, but exports less than it should, because the reason for our being big and beautiful
Avocado (weighs about 500 grams),  is strange and unfamiliar to European consumers who prefer smaller fruits such as Avocado (grown just for 1 decade in Brazil) weighing about 85 grams only.

Brazil is the only country in the world which cultivated the habit of eating avocado with sugar. The rest of the world  consumes it in savory preparations. By reason of being consumed with sugar in Brazil, the Avocado, a fruit that is rich in fat, easily won the reputation of being too rich in calories and thus for fear of gaining weight and increased cholesterol facts it has been excluded from the usual diet throughout the population. This is a big Myth as enlisted hereunder! 


 Avocado is one of the few fruits that contain protein. It is rich in monounsaturated fat (the same as olive oil), vitamin E, C and A, folic acid (essential for pregnant women), potassium, iron and beta carotene.


It is reputed to cause gain of weight and because it contains wealth of calories has always been treated as "the villain and enemy of fruit diets". 

 Yet now, believe it or not, researchers from around the world claim that the fruit causes loss of weight, amnd also decreases the body mass index ( BMI) and reduces by 42% the risk of metabolic syndrome (disorder can trigger diabetes and obesity). The secret is to eat fruit frequently in moderate doses, alone or in light recipes.

 The merit of this power is in oleic acid, the same fat from olive oil, this type of fat is excellent for regulating the levels of total cholesterol and raise good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol).

What are the effects that help in reducing weight?

Increases satiety, postpones hunger and demand for food;
The presence of a substance called beta-sitosterol reduces inflammation cells, facilitating weight loss, loss of body fat, improving the control of diabetes;
When consumed at bedtime, avocado intensifies the action of growth hormone (GH), which helps the body to build more muscle and use stored fat as an energy source.
Considerations about body weight

Being a food calorie exaggeration does not rule weight gain, so it is vital to consume the correct amount and no sugar. Ask help of your nutritionist to adhere to some safe diet.
Keep in mind: we shall cause gain in weight when we eat more than the appropriate doses!
Unfortunately there are no things like miracles! We  always have to exert some good judgment about what we choose to eatand also to resort to some routine of physical activity.
The correct amount to consume the avocado is on an average of 2 tablespoons, 3 times a week. Such portions are enough  to bring about positives to our health.

Other Health Benefits of Avocado:

  • Important for children's growth and balanced nutrition of the elderly;
  • Aid again diabetics in controlling blood glucose due to its low glycemic index;
  • For hypertensive insignificant due to its high content of potassium and sodium;
  • Prevents and treats cardiovascular disease (monounsaturated fat);
  • Essential for the treatment of liver diseases (fatty liver - "fatty liver", hepatitis, poisoning) due to its high content of L-glutathione, a powerful antioxidant which helps to mitigate the damage in the organ;
  • Improves digestive tract problems (gastritis, constipation, intestinal colic and flatulence), besides having a good digestibility;
  • For athletes helps muscle strength and performance, being a great source of energy;
  • Has beta-sitosterolM; also helps to fight wrinkles, Acne and Cellulite;
  • Has anticancer polyphenols which help the body to neutralize the action of free radicals.

FIGHTING A MYTH: And what about cholesterol?

As of plant origin Avocado has no cholesterol in its composition.

The monounsaturated fat present in Avocados and olive oil protects against attacks of heart and blood vessels , stroke, blockage of veins, heart disease and blocks the action of LDL (bad cholesterol).
Frequent consumption of avocados lowers levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides and increases HDL levels (good cholesterol).

Proper Care when buying:

The best avocados are heavier and firmer. Sometimes they have patches of light brown color on its skin. Still this is only some superficial defect that does not alter the quality of the fruit. To find out about if the fruit mis ripe press lightly with your fingers on the shell.  When it is mature the finger sinks slightly into the  fruit.


Take Care when preparing:
The pulp should be without fibres but spotlessand is about starting to soften.
Can not be cooked or heated;
To prevent the Avocado cream to darken put it promptly into a deep and the stone fruit, unwashed,
For the Avocado cream does not darken, then promptly put it in a deep dish and put the stone fruit unwashed, right into the middle and keep it in the refrigerator until ready to serve;
For savory dishes, use very ripe avocados, otherwise it will taste quite bitter;
How to store it:

Should be stored in cool and airy places;
If you want the Avocados to ripen faster at home, wrap it into some paper bag and place it into some place without light;
The Avocado Green can not be stored in the refrigerator since the process of maturation will be interrupted in such case;
 To prevent a sliced Avocado to  darken pass thin layer of lemon on the cut;
When using only half of one Avocado leave the other half refrigerated with the kernel in it in order to prevent quick deterioration;


Green Tips:

I know that Amazon's Botanists also indicate avocado to lower uric acid levels in the blood and so it is good for treating gout. (referenced in "Green Pharmacy", James A. Duke)

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